Electronics & Embedded

"An expert is one who knows everything about nothing; A generalist knows nothing about everything."
-- Richard Hamming, The Art of Doing Science and Engineering

Heptapod.com is the website of Jakub Telatnik, where he posts write-ups about electronics design and projects.

Jakub is an electronics designer located in Toronto, Ontario who has been working on interesting and challenging projects since 2010. While studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto, his mechatronics courses sparked an interest in electronics and all things related to controlling and measuring the physical world by controlling electrons and flipping bits.

He has worked on hardware for start up companies, designing prototypes for products such as wearable sensors and wireless speakers. He has worked with software, hardware, microcontrollers, motor controllers, PCB design, I2C communication, wireless protocols, wire harnesses, and a brainwave controlled beer tap.

Contact Jakub if you need someone to work on your electronic contraption or embedded gadget.